"The Backyard Drama Club"

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   "Once Upon A Time...And Far, Far Away...                          "The Backyard Drama Club" est 1969 Ottawa, Ontario

     The History of the Backyard Drama Club!

 The Driveway,  Ottawa.

Cast of 'Oliver!  


On a spring evening we gathered to present our second annual production, the musical "Oliver!" to our families.  Refreshments were served.  Weeks of work culminated in a single glorious night when the magic of the play transported us to the streets of Victorian London...  The year before we had presented "The Wizard Of Oz", another much beloved show.


 In the years before VCR's and DVD's, LimeWire and I-Pods, scripts were written from memory alone, songs transcribed by hand from the scratchy sounds of an old plug-in record player in a box.  Entirely organized by kids, The Backyard Drama Club involved every child in the neighbourhood being cast in some part or another.  My little sister Ali was only 3, and played Toto and Bullseye in both shows, having a papier mache Snoopy doghead mask as one of her favourite possessions, and thereby being 'type' cast as a dog every year.  













Myself, and Anne and Catherine Shields were the producers/dirctors/lead roles and we bossed all the other children around mercilessly, but we got it done. Anne was the eldest, and the brightest spark of a girl I ever knew, brimming with creative ideas and wonderful at handling everybody. I was  was the 'actress' and  Cathy loved to sew and create costumes...she had a 'flair'.  Everybody's talents were put to good use, and we all had a wonderful time...not without afew hiccups along the way, but it was all worth it in the end! 

   Michelle Devlin, Artistic Director




       Michelle Devlin in her           first solo as Nancy in                     Oliver! 


  • " Dear Ms Devlin, This is just a brief note to let you kow how much we appreciated your dedication and effort during our recent Christmas production of 'Cinderella'. It w..."
    Robert Newby
    President 'Onstage Performance Group'

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